Progress in total synthesis of indoles

2021-01-09 62Second

After the first asymmetric total synthesis of (+) - tronocarpine and the determination of its absolute configuration, Han fushe, a researcher of Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, made important progress in this field. The related research results were published in German Applied Chemistry recently.


Dippinine chippiine natural products are a subfamily of the secondary metabolites of eboga natural products. They have unique strong rigid fused ring skeleton, especially the chiral aza bridged ring skeleton, which is very rare in indole natural products. In addition, there are many chiral centers including bridgehead chiral quaternary carbon in dippinine molecules, and the all carbon six membered ring in dippinine molecules is chair conformation, while the six membered ring in chippiine molecules is boat conformation. In terms of activity, dippinine chippiine natural products have potential good activity in reversing drug resistance of tumor cells.

 Based on its unique, novel and complex structural characteristics, it brings challenges in synthesis and potential biological activities. It is of great scientific significance to carry out the total synthesis of such natural products, whether it is to promote the development of new organic synthesis methods and strategies, or to carry out in-depth research on the biological activities of related natural products and their new analogues.