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Recently, an urgent document of the National Development and Reform Commission came out of the market. Regarding this urgent document, industry insiders said that the National Development and Reform Commission has begun to count coal production costs, which further reveals the recent emergency situation of China's coal. The recent continuous torrential rains have impacted the coal industry in Shanxi, a major coal province. 60 coal mines, 372 non-coal mines, and 14 hazardous chemical companies have ceased production throughout the province. This has caused the already tight supply of coal to be tested by the suspension of coal prices. It has soared recently. Since mid-to-late September, the global energy crisis has intensified. Power shortages in China, gas shortages in Europe, and oil shortages in the United Kingdom have intensified the contradiction between energy supply and demand, and energy prices have continued to soar. This has also had a greater impact on the chemical industry. Recently, the chemical market has been "bombed" by price increase letters from major global manufacturers. Wanhua Chemical, BASF, Dow, DuPont, and LANXESS have raised prices several times, driving the continuous price increase of downstream products. The prices of commonly used plastics such as EVA, PC, and PVC have repeatedly hit record highs, and the price increase schedule of some chemical products has been scheduled to February next year. The price increase letters from domestic chemical companies are also flooding in like snowflakes, making people too late to respond. On the whole, the root cause of the current round of global energy crisis is energy shortages caused by imbalances in supply and demand. Inventories are already at a low level, prompting the rise in prices of related commodities. According to industry insiders, the current global energy crisis is expected to last for several years. The soaring prices of oil, natural gas, coal and other commodities have triggered market concerns about inflation. The increase in costs in the upper and middle reaches will aggravate the supply chain crisis and further push up. Inflationary pressure in the chemical industry.
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